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I’m going on an impromptu hiatus this month. The satisfied exhaustion of having led a 3-day workshop in April, paired with Lighthouse’s full docket of Feminist Book Fortnight events in May, means I feel comfortable taking a little break, or rather, comfortable redirecting my energy.

Eris Young
May 20, 2019
Open Call for Submissions: Reclaiming Space: An Exhibition of Feminist Art

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Reclaiming Space: An Exhibition of Feminist Art

Kirsty Law
April 3, 2019
Spoiled For Choice

I read a book by a white guy the other month. I know! I’m trying to diversify my reading list, so I thought I’d give Dan Simmons a go. Okay, I’m sort-of kidding, but I’ve been thinking lately about the content of my reading list and what it looks like compared to, say, ten or five or even one year ago.

When you’re a writer, reviewer and bookseller, and when you live in a city as chock-a-block with charity shops as Edinburgh, books kind of just throw themselves at you. They come from publishers, reviews editors, charity shops, colleagues and friends and, though there’s always a fair amount of dross to sift through (sorry Nicholas Sparks!), there are almost always a few gems to be found.

Eris Young - Writer in residence
March 12, 2019