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Open Call for Submissions: Reclaiming Space: An Exhibition of Feminist Art

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Reclaiming Space: An Exhibition of Feminist Art

Kirsty Law
April 3, 2019
Spoiled For Choice

I read a book by a white guy the other month. I know! I’m trying to diversify my reading list, so I thought I’d give Dan Simmons a go. Okay, I’m sort-of kidding, but I’ve been thinking lately about the content of my reading list and what it looks like compared to, say, ten or five or even one year ago.

When you’re a writer, reviewer and bookseller, and when you live in a city as chock-a-block with charity shops as Edinburgh, books kind of just throw themselves at you. They come from publishers, reviews editors, charity shops, colleagues and friends and, though there’s always a fair amount of dross to sift through (sorry Nicholas Sparks!), there are almost always a few gems to be found.

Eris Young - Writer in residence
March 12, 2019
To platform or not to platform: Where we stand.

We are at our core an intersectional and inclusive radical bookshop. What this means is that we recognise myriad vectors of oppression exist in our society, based on race, gender, sexuality, class, physical ability and neurological divergence….and that they are interrelated. We do not believe in the zero-sum rhetoric that some of these oppressions must be resisted at the cost of others, or that any particular one is of primary importance.

Jim, Mairi, Noor & Andrew
February 16, 2019