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The Team


We are an eclectic, slightly eccentric literary ratpack, a chosen family of bookish people, all of us passionate about making the world a fairer, better place.

My name is Mairi (she/her) – I have been peddling books for independent bookshops for almost a decade, and for much of that time the original Word Power was a regular haunt of mine, a place to find and buy books on queer politics, activism, little known poetry, Palestine, feminism and much more. Books that simply didn’t live on the shelves of any other bookshop.

My fellow booksellers include:

Jim (he/him)- Political Philosophy wizard and sci-fi buff, he makes sure the wheels don’t fall off the bus.

Noor (she/her)- passionate about literature and liberation politics, from feminism to Palestine, Noor helps to program our events and take the the bookshop out into the world.

Oli (he/him/they/them) - activist and artist, Oli oversees our growing zine collection and ever expanding LGBTQ shelves.

Andrew (he/him)-our in house musician, he’s well versed in all things tech, rise of the robots and fun fiction, if you need bad puns, he’s your man.

Jess (she/her)- anti-racism activist, psychology PhD and a wonder with world literature.

Our extended bookshop family, who make it possible for us to run all our weekend bookstalls and big events include:

Anita (she/they), also known as the Lighthouse Beagle, Octopus aficionado, graphic novel junkie and all round bundle of enthusiasm, she has a day job as Dr. Anita.

Peach (she/they) poet & poetry expert and

Moss (He/him) the big brain on medieval history and other useful things.

Last but not least, our phenomenal Writer-In-Residence **Eris **(they/them), a queer, trans writer and editor of speculative fiction and nonfiction.

Oh and there’s Artemis – cheese connoisseur and ball expert.