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Lavender Menace Returns: A weekend revival of the iconic LGBT bookshop

Lavender Menace Returns \ 21st- 28th June 2019

This summer, Pride celebrations have a special significance as we mark the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. It’s a perfect occasion to look back to Scotland’s own LGBTQ history, and the legacies of our queer cultural institutions, including Scotland’s first LGBT bookshop, Lavender Menace, which served the community for 15 years through the 80s and 90s.

We’re thrilled to be working with Lavender Menace founders Sigrid Nielsen & Bob Orr, to revive their bookshop - inside our bookshop! They’ve been doing lots of pop ups around Edinburgh with groups such as LGBT Youth Scotland & occasions such as the Cruising the Seventies conference.

But there’s nothing quite like having a space of your own, so for a week in June the Lighthouse will house a Lavender Menace revival, with lavender walls, reconfigured book cases, specially curated books, displays, vintage badges and events! The core of the festivities will take place around Pride Weekend (23nd/23rd), but Lavender Menace will live again as a fully operational bookshop for a whole week. The events will mirror the project’s ambition of connecting past & present and fostering a dynamic, bookish, queer community for the future!

We wanted to create a ‘safe space’, as it’s known today,’ said Sigrid, ‘where LGBT people and our allies could browse books, learn about new writers, and realise that how large and diverse our community’. Lavender Menace Returns is an opportunity to celebrate that space both past and present, and keep that legacy alive through a more long term initiative: an LGBTQ archive in Scotland. We’ll be announcing more details of this over the Lavender Menace weekend, but do use the occasion to share stories, and if you can, to pass on old books, artifacts or testimonies.

The key events through the weekend include:

**SAY IT LOUD: Banner/Poster Making for Pride **\ Friday 21st June. 6-9pm.At Lavender Menace in the Lighthouse Bookshop

**Walk Proud: Lighthouse gathering for Pride **\ Saturday 22nd June. 11-11.20 am. At Lavender Menace in the Lighthouse Bookshop

**Kate Charlesworth: Our Queer History in Cartoons **\ Saturday 22nd June. 6pm. At Lavender Menace in the Lighthouse Bookshop.

**Reading the Rainbow : The LGBTQ books that shaped us **\ Sunday 23rd June. 3-4.30pm. At Lavender Menace in the Lighthouse Bookshop

**Pride in Print LGBT Soiree: from Writing Groups to Best Seller lists **\ Sunday 23rd June. 6pm . At Lavender Menace in the Lighthouse Bookshop.

Full details to follow!

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