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Building Catalonia: A left perspective on Catalan independence

For years Ignasi Bernat and David Whyte have documented the Catalan struggle for self-determination from a left independence perspective in Bella Caledonia, Red Pepper and The Guardian. In their new book Building A New Catalonia they have brought together the leading voices of Catalonian left independence movement alongside key figures in the international solidarity movement.


This vibrant, thoughtful, incredibly timely new book is published by Bella Caledonia in collaboration with pol.len in February 2019. Building A New Catalonia articulates the political strategies and aspirations of the anti-capitalist, feminist and socialist struggles for self-determination in Catalonia in a series of 35 short and sharply written essays. It includes chapters by Catalan political leaders including Jordi Cuixart (currently in jail awaiting trial for sedition), Liz Castro and David Fernandez, and prominent international contributors including journalist Paul Mason and economist Costas Lapavitsas.

The books have arrived and are ready to ship, you can purchase them HERE!

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